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    Under the guidance of "all customer centered" service concept, ZTE numerical control efforts will be implemented, and constantly strive to improve our service level. After-sales service has been the most concerned about the topic of users. My company offices throughout the country, improve the service network can guarantee the timeliness of services; we have strict service requirements and improve the monitoring means to control the quality of service.

    The services we provide include:
    Pre sales consultation, to provide customers with economic and reasonable consumption plan,
    To provide customers with free technical advice, timely and effective after-sales service.

    Our service commitment is:
    One year free warranty, life-long paid service
    7X24 hours service phone
    7X24 hour network technology support
    Lifetime technical support, completely solve your worries!

    Our advantage lies in:
    Service outlets throughout the country, to provide technical services, maintenance and user guidance in a timely manner.
    Technical support hotline: 24 hours to solve the problem of customer use, to provide customers with a full range of services.
    Technical support web site: the establishment of online customer service and feedback platform to solve difficult problems in a timely manner, to provide customers with reliable technical support.

    Service hotline: 13815965809
    Advisory hotline: 0523-6663100



    Contact: Qu Manager

    Phone: +86-13815965809

    Tel: +86-0523-86663100

    Email: pan@zx-cnc.com

    Add: Dongfeng Road, Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province, province

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