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    • DK77120 WEDM-HS - copy
    DK77120 WEDM-HS - copy

    DK77120 WEDM-HS - copy

    Type Dracel of working table Dracel of working table Max,thikness of workpiece Machined taper Max,Load carrying capacity Toal weigh 主機外形尺寸 Overall dimensions
    DK77100 1100×1500mm 1000×1200mm 1000mm 0-60度/80mm 3000kg 5500kg 3000×2800 ×2500mm
    DK77100B 1860×1100mm 1000×1400mm 1000mm 0-60度/80mm) 3400kg 6000kg 3280×2800 ×2500mm
    DK77120 1920×1340mm 1200×1600mm 1000mm 0-60度/80mm 4500kg 10000kg 4000×3100 ×2800mm
    DK77120B 2120×1340mm 1200×1800mm 1000mm(930) 0-60度/80mm 5500kg 11000kg 4000×3300 ×2800mm
    DK77120F 2320×1340mm 1200×2000mm 1000mm(930) 0-60度/80mm 6000kg 12000kg 4000×3500 ×2800mm
    DK77160 2320×1670mm 1600×2000mm 1000mm(930) 0-30度/80mm 8000kg 14000kg 4500×3500 ×2800mm

    Above form parameter will be able to have the change along with the product research and development, no longer alone informs each user.
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